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  • Diving chamber test
  • Building management
  • Food preparation
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Industrial data acquisition
  • Test and measurement
Enviro-5 top view

  • Variety sensors interfaces
  • 17 Temperature
  • 2 Relative Humidity (Rh)
  • 2 Pressure
  • 1 Gas Flow
  • 1 CO2
  • 8 User Defined
  • 14 bit accurate measurement
  • LAN and USB host interfaces
  • Remote network support
  • Excitation voltage for sensors
  • Compatible with EnviroLogg software
  • Replace multiple data logger
  • Over all cost reduction
  • Rugged, light weight and portable
  • Modular Networkable
  • Seamlessly interface with Microsoft Excel software
System Overview

Enviro-5 Data Logger is designed for applications that need multi channels data acquisition from variety environmental sensors. This tiny data logger accommodates 31 channels interfaces to the following sensors : 17 temperature, 2 Relative Humidity ( Rh) , 1 low pressure, 1 high pressure, 1 CO2 Sensors, 1 Gas Flow sensor and 8 User Defined channels. The 8 User Defined channels are ready for customized sensors.Port connectors are a type of Quick Connect (QC), it makes possible a fast interconnection / disconnection between data logger and sensors, easy set up in few minutes. Interface to host computer is provided through 10/100 Ethernet LAN and/or USB 2.0 port.

EnviroLogg Release 4. X is the compatible application software for Enviro-5 data logger, it is a powerful data logging software with a user friendly interface under Windows XP. User select and configure desired channels. can activate time stamping on every channels, can write comments on every channels on fly, can customize the name of any channel, can set an off-set value to any channel for calibration purpose. You can record files with, literally, with unlimited length, or record sequential files with an specified time intervals. As EnviroLogg software has a seamless interface to Microsoft Excel it can stream all the data directly to Excel spread sheet; you can keep EnviroLogg in background and use Microsoft Excel in front; you can analyze your data inside Excel. Release 4.0 of the software can collect data from two of Enviro-5 data loggers, totally from 62 channels of sensors. EnviroLogg Release 5.x is designed to collect data from 4 units of Enviro-5 data logger , up to 124 channels.

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