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Neurode-1000 series
3U Fanless Clean Room Computer

  • Clean room
  • Instrumentation
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Vehicle

  • Rugged industrial grade PC
  • Standard 3U, 12HP rack mount
  • No fan, no forced ventilation
  • Black anodized rugged casing
  • Low power, typically <10 W
  • Windows or Linux OS
  • 128 MB SDRAM
  • 40 GB HDD
  • 2 serial ports RS232/RS485
  • Ethernet 100/10 Base-T
  • USB
  • VGA
  • PS2 Keyboard and mouse 
  • Analog IO (option)
  • Digital IO (option)
  • Single platform for Data Acquisition and Control
  • Standard PC software
  • Fully integrated Analog IO, Digital IO, Motion controller, Serial IO, GPS
  • Low m maintenance
  • Overall cost reduction
  • Supports Industry protocols
  • small  foot print
  • Standard rack mount, side by side instruments and equipments
System Overview

The Neurode 1000 series is designed as a 3U rack mount able  platform to meet various industrial applications with a single standard of quality. Whether you require it for a desktop, factory floor, naval vessel or a vehicle mount, each Neurode will be made to meet your needs. The Neurode advantage starts with its size. At 170 mm-60.62 mm-128.4 mm, the standard Neurode will fit into spaces where other computers cannot.  

Clean Room Friendly
Neurode-1000 Industrial Computer  specially  designed for clean room environment, it has no fan, there is no forced air ventilation, the body is made of  special thick black anodized aluminum tube which serves as  an effective heat sink too, No paint and/or pigment is used at all, so it will not release any particle to clean room environment.

Full Standard PC
The Neurode is a full PC  with all standard hardware and software components: PS2 mouse and keyboard, VGA display, USB port, LAN Ethernet port, Serial port, Windows/Linux Operating System.

Configuration of Neurode-1000 Models


Neurode-1000 Models

Extended IO functions

IO type


Analog Input

16 channels Analog Input, 12 bit


Serial IO

2 Serial RS232


Digital with Rely

8 isolated digital Input and 8 relay


Digital IO

32 channels isolated IO


Counter/Timer & digital IO

3 counter 24 channel TTL IO


Multi Serial port

4 port RS232/RS485


Multi Serial port

6 ports RS232/RS485


Multi Serial port

10 ports RS232/RS485


Motion Control

4 Axis Stepper motor controller


Motion Control

16 Channels servo controller


Machine Vision

3 Channel frame grabber



12 Channel Global Position Receiver


Specification: Basic Neurode-1000 series computer
CPU Embedded low power AMD GXI-3000 MHz
Memory 128 MB SDRAM
Storage 40 GB Hard Drive
VGA display 4 MB memory , 1024x768
LAN Ethernet 100/10 Base-T IEEE 802.3 U protocol
USB 2 ports, 1.1 compliant
Serial Ports One RS232/422/485 port and one RS232
PS2 Keyboard and Mouse ( Y cable)
Watch Dog Timer 1.6 sec intervals
Power management Power saving modes Normal/Standby/Suspend , APM 1.1 compliant
Power input 5 Volt, 2 A
Dimension 60.62x128.4x170 mm
Weight 850 gr
Operating temperature 0-60 C
Operating System Microsoft Windows and Linux

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