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  • Cellular keypad inspection
  • Had held device keypad inspection
  • Automotive dashboards panel inspection
  • Computer keypad inspection
  • Industrial controller interface keypad inspection

  • Artificial Intelligence based, trainable machine vision software
  • Customizable software - capable of handling most keypad designs
  • Easy to learn graphical programming
  • Metrology check: size of artworks, position of artworks, size of defects
  • Color check
  • Language check: Latin, Arabic, Kanji, Thai, etc.
  • Print quality check: Thinning or thickening of artworks, Stretched or compressed artwork, break in art work
  • Foreign material check
  • Compact design
  • Integrated IO controller
  • Sliding camera mount
  • Back light LED illumination with jig bed
  • Integrated light and sound alarm
  • LAN connection

  • Overall operational cost reduction; return on investment within one year
  • Operational and administrative efficiency, flexibility and stability
  • High rate of repeatability and consistency of inspection
  • SPC data for Total Quality initiatives
System overview

Keynspect-5302 is an automatic visual inspection system for the quality testing of keypads manufactured for cellular phones and other hand held devices. Leveraging upon its core competency of harnessing technology to meet industry specific needs, Neurotech has developed Keynspect-5302 to provide strategic and operational advantages for the keypad manufacturer. Neurotech’s accumulated experience in specifically serving keypad manufactures has weighed significantly into the design of Keynspect-5302

Riding The Industry Trend

Keypad manufacturing is at a crossroads in which the demands of OEMs are shaping the sector. In the automotive and mobile phone industries alike, the mounting costs of developing and marketing newer value-added products has stiffened competition among OEMs. Especially as the mobile phone industry consolidates, the cost saving squeeze will be increasingly applied on component manufacturers. In such an environment, the component manufacturer’s ability to meet higher quality standards will be crucial for the OEM’s company-wide implementation of “six sigma” and “just-in-time-delivery” systems that increase productivity and reduce costs. The keypad manufacturer in tune with the OEMs’ demand for higher quality assurance will find its products more marketable. As OEMs further divest from component design and manufacture to strengthen cash-flow, the opportunities shall be plentiful for the supplier with the reputation for quality that corresponds to the OEMs’ demands.

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Machine Vision Illumination

Coaxial Light
Ring Light
Back Light
Area Light
Intensity Controlled PSU


Machine Vision Camera

Bina USB Camera
GE Camera
Camera Link
FireWire Camera
Customized Camera


Camera Cables

Camera Link Cable
Mini Camera Link Cable
High Flex FireWire Cable
InfiniFlex IEEE1394 Cable
Customized Camera Link Cable

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