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Embeded ARM moduel with 4 ch 24 bit IEPE input

  • ARM Cortex-A8
  • 2 GB embedded flash Memory, 512 MB SDRAM Memory, 8 KB EEPROM
  • Micro SD
  • UART, I2C2, SPI, LAN port: Ethernet 10/100, USB2 host and USB2 client
  • Supply: +5 VDC
  • 4 IEPE, Simultaneouse input with 24 bits A/D resolution, 105 KS/s
  • One channel Waveform genration
  • One channel 32 bir Conter/Timer
  • 8 Channel digital input and 8 Channel digital output
  • Embedded Debian Liux
  • Embedded Data acquisiton with source code
  • Sychronization of multiple module

Embeded ARM moduel with 4 ch 24 bit IEPE input


The DT7837 dynamic signal analyzer provides a real-time, open-source Linux platform for high-accuracy noise, vibration, and acoustic measurements with an embedded 1 GHz ARM processor. Features include built-in IEPE signal conditioning, simultaneous input and output operations, and communication ports for USB and Ethernet connections.

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Embedded System

ARM Cortex-A8

2 GB embedded flash Memory

512 MB SDRAM Memory


Micro SD


LAN port: Ethernet 10/100

USB2 host

USB2 client

Supply: +5 VDC

Number of input Channels 4 IEPE, Simultaneouse
Signal Type Single Ended
Input Range ±10 V and ±1 V
A/D Resolution 24 bits
Max Sampling 105 KS/s
Galvanic Isolation No
Excitation Source 4 mA, +20 V compliance



Thershold any analog channell

Waveform Generation Single Value, Waveform
Number of Output Channels 1
D/A Specification 24 bits
Output Range ±10 V
Tachometer input 1 Ch
Counter/Timer 1 Ch, 32 bit
Gate Input Yes
Digital IO

8 input

8 output

Multi Modules Sync Multiple DT7837 by external trigger
LXI compliance No
Software Packages

Embedded Debian Linux 3.12

Data acquisiton examples

Accessible from any webbrowser

Host Interface USB2, LAN, UART,
Software embedded Debian Linux 3.12 with data acquisiton examples
Dimensions 100x159.5x33 mm WDH
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DT7837 Data Sheet
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DT7837 User Manual
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