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3 Ch 24 bits, IEPE module for Sound and Vibration USB Module

 Analog Input:
o 3 Ch simultaneous 24-bit A/D 
o Sample rate from 1 kS/s to 216 kS/s
o Input range of ±10 V /  ±1 V
o Support for Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric
(IEPE) inputs
o Trigger source: software, external digital trigger, or a positive- or negative-going
analog threshold trigger on any of the analog

Waveform Generation:

o 1 Ch 32-bit D/A converters
o Single value, waveform, and continuous
streaming output
o Programmable output rate from 30 kS/s to
216 kS/s
o Output range of ±10 V and ±3 V
o Software-programmable trigger source
(software trigger or external digital trigger) to
start the analog output operatio

Synch Bus:

  •  Sync Bus (RJ45) for synchronizing acquisition on up to four DT9847 Series modules

The DT9847 Series are high-accuracy, dynamic signal
acquisition modules designed for sound and vibration
applications. These modules are ideal for precision
measurements with microphones, accelerometers, and
other transducers that have a large dynamic range.
Common applications include audio, acoustic, and
vibration testing.
Combine the DT9847 with the ready-to-measure
QuickDAQ application to create a powerful FFT Analyzer
instrument. Additionally, all Data Translation devices
include comprehensive driver and software support,
and interface tools for LabVIEW™ and MATLAB

More Information
Number of input Channels 3 Simultaneouse, IEPE
Signal Type Single Ended
Input Range ±10 V / ±1 V
A/D Resolution 24 bits
Max Sampling 216 KS/s
Galvanic Isolation No
Excitation Source 4 mA, 18 V compliance, AC or DC coupling
Waveform Generation Single value, waveform, and continuous streaming output
Number of Output Channels 1 SE
D/A Specification 32 bits
Output Range ±10 V / ±3 V
Tachometer input No
Counter/Timer No
Gate Input No
Digital IO

4 In

4 Out

Multi Modules Sync up 4 modules DT9847 series
LXI compliance No
Software Packages

DT-Open Layers for .NET

DataAcq SDK

DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB

LV-Link for LabVIEW

QuickDAQ Base


QuickDAQ Advanced FFT

Host Interface USB2
Dimensions 106x255x40 mm WDH
Manufacturer Data Translation
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