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8 Ch, 24 bits, IEPE with 2 Ch, 32 bits, 4 mA excitation out, 1 Tach input

• Simultaneous IEPE analog inputs, waveform stimulus
analog outputs, tachometer synchronous with input
data stream, advanced pre and post triggering,
16 DIO (8 in/8 out), synchronous counter/timers,
and Sync Bus for up to 64 A/D channels and 8 D/A
• All inputs and outputs can be synchronized for
measurement data coherence
o Supports the ability to return the value of the
digital input port, tachometer, measure counters,
and general-purpose counter in the analog input
data stream, all synchronous with analog input
data stream providing correlation of tachometer
or any digital input with analog signals.
• Eight (DT9857E-08) Simultaneous, IEPE inputs up to 4 mA at 24 V
compliance, all inputs use 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D
converters for high resolution measurement to
105.4 kS/s/ch, AC or DC coupling.
• Two 32-bit D/A converter output channels for
stimulus or waveform generation to 216 kS/s/ch.
• Start trigger (software, threshold, external, or Sync
Bus) for acquiring post-trigger samples; reference
trigger for acquiring pre/post trigger samples.
• Analog threshold trigger on any of the analog input
channels to program the threshold value from –10 V
to +10 V.
• SyncBus connector for synchronizing acquisition and
waveform stimulus on up to four DT9857E modules
• External 4.75 V to 28 V power supply


The DT9857E is a high accuracy dynamic signal acquisition
module for noise, vibration, and acoustic measurements.
Eight or sixteen, 24-bit, IEPE (ICP®) sensor inputs are
synchronized with a tachometer input, two measurement
counters, and a general purpose counter/timer to
provide data streams that are matched in time, for field
or laboratory use. Two stimulus D/A outputs, each 32-bit
resolution, and an 8-bit digital output port are available
for dynamic waveform generation and control. This
rugged, compact module, available either as an OEM
board or steel-encased module, connects via USB making
them ideal for many measurement applications.

The DT9857E offers many capabilities for vibration
measurement such as 16 IEPE 24-bit Delta-Sigma sensor
inputs, two 32-bit D/A stimulus outputs, a 32-bit tachometer,
pre- and post-triggering. The Sync Bus allows expansion to
64 analog input channels and 8 analog output channels, and
the ability to time sync all data to the input data stream.

More Information
Number of input Channels 8
Signal Type Single Ended
Input Range ±10 V / ±1 V
A/D Resolution 24 bits
Max Sampling 105.469 kS/s
Galvanic Isolation No
Excitation Source 4 mA ±0.5%, 24 V compliance



Threshold of Analog In

Waveform Generation Single value, waveform, and continuous streaming output
Number of Output Channels 2 SE
D/A Specification 32 bits
Output Range ±10 V
Tachometer input 1 ch, 31 bits, ±30 V, 1 MHz
Counter/Timer 1 ch, 32 bits,
Gate Input Yes
Digital IO

8 input

8 output

Multi Modules Sync 4 modules up to 64 ch IEPE
LXI compliance No
Software Packages

DT-Open Layers for .NET

DataAcq SDK

DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB

LV-Link for LabVIEW

QuickDAQ Base

QuickDAQ FFT ( Option)

QuickDAQ Advanced FFT (Option)

Host Interface USB2
Dimensions 223.4x246.9x43.7 mm WDH
Manufacturer Data Translation
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