TA058 50 MHz 70 V differential oscilloscope probe

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TA058 50 MHz 70 V differential oscilloscope probe

TA058 50 MHz 70 V differential oscilloscope probe 10:1

The TA058 is a 50 MHz bandwidth active differential probe suitable for high common-mode voltage measurement applications up to ±700 V (DC + peak AC). This differential probe extends the functionality of standard single-ended input oscilloscopes to allow a safe and accurate method of making high-voltage differential measurements. Applications include making safe measurements in power circuit applications and acquisition of low-speed balanced differential signals found in serial communications buses.

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TA058 differential oscilloscope probe specifications


DC to 50 MHz (–3 dB) 

Attenuation ratio




Rise time

< 7 ns 

Input impedance 

1.6 MΩ || 7 pF each side to ground 

Input Voltage

Differential range

±70 V (DC + Peak AC) or 70 V RMS 

Common mode range

±700V (DC + Peak AC) or 600 V RMS 

Absolute max. voltage (either input to ground)

±700 V (DC + Peak AC) or 600 V RMS CAT I 


Swing (into 5 kΩ load)

±7 V

Offset (typical)

< ±2 mV 

Noise (typical) 

0.7 mV RMS

Source impedance (typical)

50 Ω

CMRR (typical)

95 dB @ 60 Hz; 60 dB @ 1 MHz 

Ambient operating temperature

–10 to +40 °C

Ambient storage temperature 

–30 to +70 °C

Power requirements

Option 1

Mains adaptor (6 V DC 90 mA or 9 V DC 70 mA) 

Option 2

Removable battery pack (4xAA cells) 

Option 3

Power leads

Length of input leads

50 cm

Length of BNC cable

125 cm 


300 g 

Dimension (LxWxH)

111 mm x 22 mm x 14 mm 

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