TranAX 4

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TranAX 4

Data Acquisition Software - TranAX 4


  • Configures quick and easy many analog input channels, no programming required
  • Data visualization in multi-waveform displays
  • Several cursor for easy data readout and reporting
  • X-Y data display
  • FFT Analysis width different scaling and windowing function
  • Measurement data - video synchronization
  • More than 40 scalar functions to measure any significant waveform parameter on time or FFT curves
  • Powerful formula editor for more than 60 mathematic functions, syntax highlighting, for-loops,
  • array calculations, string manipulations, etc.
  • Curve fitting (Polynomial regression)
  • Autosequence-macro's for easy to set up, fast automated measurements
  • English and German version
  • Data export to HDF5, ASCII and customer specific data formats
  • Data import from ASCII
  • Audio files import (*.wav and *.mp3) and export (*.wav)
  • ActiveX/COM interface for direct accessing TranAX from Excel or customer specific software
  • 30 days free trial
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Manufacturer Elsys
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TraAX 4 User Manual
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