4 Ch Advanced kit

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4 Ch Advanced kit
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PicoScope-4425   + S$0.00
Current Clamp TA018   + S$0.00
200 A / 2000 A DC current clamp TA167   + S$0.00
Premium Test Lead: Set of 4 leads BNC to 4 mm, 3 m PP718   + S$0.00
2 Pin AMP connector breakout lead TA012   + S$0.00
6-way universal breakout lead, micro (0.6 mm) TA063   + S$0.00
6-way universal breakout lead, small (1.5 mm) TA024   + S$0.00
6-way universal breakout lead, medium (2.3 mm) TA025   + S$0.00
6-way universal breakout lead, large (2.8 mm) TA026   + S$0.00
Secondary ignition pickup (capacitive with BNC) MI074   + S$0.00
ATC / ATO fuse extension lead TA034   + S$0.00
Mini fuse extension lead TA035   + S$0.00
HT Extension Lead (set of 4 leads) PP400   + S$0.00
Coil On Plug (COP) and Signal Probe PP357   + S$0.00
60 MHz Oscilloscope Probe MI007   + S$0.00
10:1 Attenuator TA197   + S$0.00
Flexible Back-pinning Probe-Red TA162   + S$0.00
Flexible Back-pinning Probe-Black TA161   + S$0.00
Back-pinning Probe Set TA008   + S$0.00
Multimeter Probes-Red TA002   + S$0.00
Multimeter Probes-Black TA001   + S$0.00
Small Crocodile- Red-TA-004   + S$0.00
Small Crocodile- Black- TA-003   + S$0.00
Large dolphin-Red TA006   + S$0.00
Large dolphin-Black TA005   + S$0.00

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4 Ch Advanced kit
4 Ch Advanced kit

In stock


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    Manufacturer Pico Technology

    Contenct of the kit

    2 20 A/60 A AC/DC current clamp 1 200 A/2000 A AC/DC current clamp 4 Premium test leads
    1 2–pin break–out lead 1 6–way universal breakout lead
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