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  • Analog input : 12 Simultaneous Singele ended

  • A/D resolution:16-bit

  • Sampling rate: 225 KS/s per ch

  • Input range: ±10 V, ±5 V

  • Analog output: 2 ch, 16 bit, 500 KS/s

  • 32 DIO (16 in/ 16 out)

  • 2 counter/timers

  • 3 Quadrauture encoder

  • ±500 V galvanic isolation protects signal integrity

  • BNC packaging

  • USB port interface to host PC

  • Powered from USB port

  • QuickDAQ application software

  • QuickDAQ FFT Analysis (optional)

  • LV-Link driver for LabVIEW

  • MATALAB adaptor

  • DT-Open Layers for .NET class library

  • DataAcq SDK C, C++, C# software for Windows

DT9836 High Performance, Isolated Simultaneous USB Data Acquisition


The DT9832 and DT9836 are a series of high-speed, high performance USB data acquisition modules that provide simultaneous analog input operation at up to 2.0 MS/s per channel. Each analog input has its own A/D converter to eliminate phase shift between channels and to allow you to correlate measurements at the exact same instant in time. Each USB DAQ module features three quadrature decoders for measuring absolute and relative position and for detecting rotational speed.

Synchronous Operation

All functions of the data acquisition modules (A/D, D/A, DIO, counter/timers, and quadrature encoders) can be simultaneously triggered internally or externally. The data can then be streamed synchronously to host memory. This can be done via external trigger or by the internal clock of the module. The synchronous operation allows all I/O data to be processed and correlated for all inputs and outputs. This is very valuable in determining the response across a device-under-test (DUT) to stimuli at the same exact instant.

High-Speed, High-Resolution Analog Outputs

There are 2 simultaneous 16-bit analog outputs, and an option for 4 outputs, on the DT9836 Series, composed of separate high speed, deglitched, waveform D/A converters. This design allows highly accurate arbitrary waveforms to be generated at throughput speeds of 500 kS/s each. Standard waveforms such as sine, triangle, and square waves are easily produced by loading the output memory and triggering them synchronously or separately. Great care has been used in design to minimize the glitch energy for any major or minor carry. This results in extremely smooth waveforms

Flexible Output Modes

Using the DT9832 and DT9836 series, you can output a single value from a single analog output channel or multiple values from multiple analog output channels. An output channel list gives you the flexibility of updating only the analog output channels you want or updating the digital output lines with specified analog output channels at the D/A clock rate. You can update analog output channels at up to 500 kS/s.

High-Speed Digital I/O Lines

The DT9832 and DT9836 Series modules feature 32 digital I/O lines dedicated as 16 in and 16 out. The first eight digital input lines can also be used for interrupt on change. You can read all the digital input lines simultaneously with the analog input channels at the A/D clock rate. The digital input lines can also be clocked separately as the only channel in the channel-gain list at up to 225 kHz on the DT9836, 1.25 MHz on the DT9832, and 2.0 MHz on the DT9832A. For digital output operations, you can update all the digital output lines with the analog output channels at the D/A output clock rate.

Multifunction Counter/Timers

All DT9832 and DT9836 Series modules feature two 32-bit user counter/timers. If you wish, you can read the value of the counter/timer channels with the analog input channels and digital input lines at the A/D clock rate. The following counter/timer functions are supported: event counting, up/down counting, frequency measurement, edge-to-edge measurement, continuous edge-to-edge measurement, rate generation, one-shot, and repetitive one-shot.

Quadrature Encoder

The quadrature encoder module contains three quadrature encoders which allow simultaneous decoding of three quadrature encoded inputs. The quadrature decoders may be used to provide relative or absolute position or, by calculating the difference between samples, the rotational speed. Each quadrature decoder supports A, B, and Index inputs. The index input may be used to zero out the positional count and the A and B input relationships are used to increment or decrement the positional count. Each encoder features a digital input filter that is programmable from 27 ns to 7 μs for the DT9836 Series and from 20 ns to 5 μs for the DT9832 Series. This unique filtering capability helps remove ringing edges and unwanted noise.

Flexible Clocks and Triggers

For maximum flexibility, all DT9832 and DT9836 Series modules provide independent clocks and triggers for the A/D and D/A subsystems. This allows you to trigger and clock the analog output subsystem synchronously with, or independent of, the analog input subsystem. Each subsystem supports an internal clock and external clock input, as well as the following trigger types: software command, analog threshold, and external digital input trigger.

±500 V Galvanic Isolation Protects Your Data

Computers are susceptible to ground-spikes through any external port. These spikes can cause system crashes and may even cause permanent damage to your computer. These modules feature ±500 Volts of galvanic isolation to protect your computer from ground-spikes and to ensure a reliable stream of data.

EMI and ESD Design Criteria

The DT9832 and DT9836 Series has been designed to perform with the lowest noise characteristics. Damping resistors in series with every I/O line minimize ringing and EMI and provide current limits that protect against transient signals

More Information
Analog Input Specifications
Number of analog input ch  
Single-ended 12 Simultaneous
Resolution 16 bit
Data encoding Offset binary
System accuracy, to % of FSR 
Range ±10 V, ±5 V
Nonlinearity < ½ LSB
Inherent quantizing error ½ LSB
Zero ±20 μV °C
Gain ±20 ppm of FSR °C
Input impedance  
Off channel 100 MΩ, 10 pF
On channel 100 MΩ, 100 pF
Input bias current ±20 nA
Common mode voltage ±11 V, maximum
Common mode rejection ratio 80 dB, gain = 1 @ 1 kΩ
Maximum input voltage (without damage)  
Power on ±30 V
Power off ±20 V
A/D conversion time  
Channel acquisition time (±½ LSB) 1 μs, typical
Aperture uncertainty 0.2 ns, typical
Aperture delay 50 ns, typical
Throughput 2 MS/s per Ch.
ESD protection  
Arc 8 kV
Contact 4 kV
Monotonicity 1 LSB
Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) at  
full-scale 14 bits typical
Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) 86 dB typical
D/A Subsystem Specifications 
Number of analog output channels 2
Resolution 16 bit
DIN/DOUT Subsystem Specifications 
Number of digital I/O lines 32 (16 in, 16 out)
Number of ports 2 (16 bits each)
C/T and Quadrature Decoder  
Counter/Timer 2
Quadrature decoder 3
External A/D and D/A Trigger source 
Internal Sotware selectable
External Sotware selectable
Power, Physical 
Power, +5 V ±5% @ 2 A maximum plus load on +5 V outputs
Dimension 215.9 mm x 105.9 mm x 50 mm
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