CSE8382 Octopus Express CompuScope

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CSE8382 Octopus Express CompuScope

CSE8382 Octopus Express CompuScope 8 CH, 25 MS/s, 14-bit, 100 MHz BWD, PCIe

  • 8 Digitizing Input Channels
  • 25 MS/s Max. Sampling Rate per Channel
  • 100 MHz Analog Input Bandwidth
  • 14-Bit Vertical A/D Resolution
  • 2 GS (4 GB) Memory, Option 8 GS (16 GB)
  • Sustained PCIe Data Streaming at 2.0 GB/s
  • Software slectable impedance 50 Ω /1M Ω
  • Software selctabl: Voltage Ranges
  • Software selectable AC/DC Coupling
  • Clock: In/Out, Intenal/External, Reference
  • Trigger In & Trigger Out
  • Synch up to 8 cards up to 64 Ch system
  • Full-Height Full-Length PCIe Gen 2.0 x8 Card
  • Timestaping data capability
  • Driver for Windows 10/8/7 and Linux
  • GaGeScope PC Oscilloscope Software
  • SDK for C/C#, LabVIEW and MATLAB

Octopus Express CompuScope 8 Ch, 25 MS/s, 14-Bit , 100 MHz BWD, PCIe Digitizer


CSE8382 Octopus Express CompuScope is an 8 CH, 25 MS/s, 14-bit, 100 MHz BWD, PCI Express digitizer board.

The Gage Octopus CompuScope family provides up to 8 channels in a single slot PCI Express (PCIe) or PCI card with up to 125 MS/s sampling per channel, and up to 16 GS of on-board acquisition memory. The Octopus CompuScope is available in 16-bit (CS84XX), 14-bit (CS83XX) A/D resolution models.

Lower-priced Octopus 14-bit (CS83XX) models provide the exact same functionality as the 16-bit (CS84XX), with the sole exceptions of lower vertical resolution and corresponding lower Dynamic Performance parameters (SNR, THD, SINAD, ENOB, SFDR) but with higher sampling rates.

GaGe CompuScope boards come with GaGeScope PC Oscilloscope Software. Further more there are Software Development Kit (SDK) C/C#, LabVIEW and MATLAB, supported on Wnidows as well as Linux Operation System.

Comparision of Octopus series of CompuScope PCIe boards:

Model Number A/D Resolution Number of Ch Max. Sampling per/Ch Memory Size Order Part number Cost in S$
CSE8482 16-bit 8 25 MS/s 2 GS (4 GB) OCE-848-002 S$10350.00
CSE8382 14-bit 8 25 MS/s 2 GS (4 GB) OCE-838-002 S$8950.00
CSE8385 14-bit 8 65 MS/s 2 GS (4 GB) OCE-838-005 S$10700.00
CSE8387 14-bit 8 100 MS/s 2 GS (4 GB) OCE-838-007 S$11550.00
CSE8389 14-bit 8 125 MS/s 2 GS (4 GB) OCE-838-009 S$11895.00
More Information

CompuScope Octopus Express Series Specification

Number of In Ch 8 8 8 8 8
A/D Resolution 16 bit 14 bit
Max Sampling rate per Ch 25 MS/s 25 MS/s 65 MS/s 100 MS/s 125 MS/s
Analog Bandwidth
DC (50 Ω) DC to 20 MHz DC to 100 MHz
AC (1 MΩ) 10 Hz to 20 MHz 10 Hz to 100 MHz
Connectors SMB
Impedance 50 Ω or 1M Ω (software selectable)
Coupling AC or DC (software selectable)
AC (1M Ω) = 10 Hz to 100 MHz (14-bit)
Voltage Ranges ±100 mV, ±200 mV, ±500 mV, ±1 V, ±2 V,
±5 V, ±10 V (software selectable; ±10 V only
available on 1M Ω)
Flatness Within ±0.5 dB of ideal response to 90 MHz (14-
Measured at 125 MS/s &
50 MS/s in the ±500 mV range with 50 Ω input
impedance and 95% of full scale amplitude.
DC Accuracy ±0.5%. Measured on ±500 mV, ±1 V, ±2 V input
ranges for both 50 Ω and 1M Ω input
impedance settings.
DC User Offset ±1 x Full Range
(above ±5 V is limited to ±2.5 V)
Absolute Max. ±15 V (50 Ω), ±75 V (1M Ω on all but two lowest
Input Input Ranges, where Max is ±25 V)
LOW-PASS FILTER (14-bit Models Only)
Type 3-pole, 1 per Channel
Cut-Off Frequency 24 MHz
Operation Individually Software Selectable
Engines 2 per Channel,
1 for External Trigger
Source Any Input Channel,
External Trigger or Software
Input Combination All Combinations of Sources Logically OR’ed
Slope Positive or Negative (software selectable)
Sensitivity ±2% of Full Scale Input Range of Trigger
Source. This implies that signal amplitude
must be at least 4% of full scale to cause a
trigger to occur. Smaller signals are rejected as noise.
Accuracy Less than ±2% of Full Scale for Channel Triggering
Post-Trigger Data 128 points minimum. Can be defined with 16 point resolution.
Connector SMB
Impedance 2k Ω
Coupling AC or DC
Bandwidth >100 MHz
Voltage Range ±1 V, ±5 V (software selectable)
Connector SMB
Impedance 50 Ω
Amplitude 0 – 2.5 V
Connector SMB
Signal Level Minimum 1 V RMS,
Maximum 2 V RMS
Impedance 50 Ω
Coupling AC
Duty Cycle 50% ±5%
Input Modes 10 MHz Reference Clock External Clock or 10 MHz Reference Clock
External Clock Mode Rates Minimum 10 MHz to Maximum Sampling Rate of 125 MHz
External Reference Clock Mode Rate 10 MHz ±1000 ppm
The external reference time base is used to
synchronize the internal sampling clock.
Connector SMB
Signal Level 0 – 2.5 V
Impedance 50 Ω Compatible
Duty Cycle 50% ±5%
Output Modes Maximum Sampling Clock Frequency or
10 MHz Reference Clock
Max. Frequency 125 MHz
Min. Frequency 10 MHz from External Clock,
1 kHz from Internal Clock
Pre-Trigger Data Up to 32 kS Total
Record Length 128 points minimum
Can be defined with 16 point resolution.
Timing Resolution One Sample Clock Cycle
Counter Turnover >24 Hours Continuous
Master/Slave Mode Provides synchronized triggering and
sampling on all channels for all cards to
create larger multi-channel systems.
Independent Mode Each card operates independently within the system
Number of Cards 2 to 8 Cards for up to 64 Channels Total
Size Single Slot, Full Height, Full Length
Power consumption 25 Watts (typical)
PCI Express (PCIe) Slot 1 Free Full-Height Full-Length
PCIe Gen1, Gen2 or Gen3, x8 or x16 Slot
Operating System Windows 10/8/7 (32-bit/64-bit),
Linux – Requires SDK for C/C#
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