WPS500X pressure transducer PP652

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WPS500X pressure transducer PP652

The pressure transducer has become the essential diagnostic tool to assist with a multitude of pressure related tasks from -15 psi up to 500 psi, so replacing the majority of analog gauges used today. With the ability to measure pressure against time we can now witness rapid events taking place that were never previously visible. Below is just a selection of how the pressure transducer takes diagnostic to a whole new level. (Adaptors will be required)

  • In-cylinder pressure tests
  • 4-stroke cycle visibility
  • Exhaust gas pulsations
  • Intake manifold pressure fluctuations
  • Crankcase pressure measurements
  • Diesel injector back leakage tests
  • Fuel pressure tests up to 500 psi

WPS500X pressure transducer PP652

Pico Technology's automotive pressure transducer combined with your PicoScope is more than just a highly accurate pressure gauge. It
allows our automotive software to plot pressure against time, giving you a unique insight into the dynamic operation of your customer's
engines and other pressurized vehicle components.

All tests using our pressure transducer eliminate unnecessary dismantling, and with PicoScope every test you undertake you can:
• Save the results you capture into a folder (like any PC file) and back them up into our Waveform Library.
• Share the results with other users (providing a date and time-stamped test procedure for future reference)
• Accurately measure the pressure changes and time taken during each fluctuation
• Compare results with previously saved tests
• Measure even the fastest changes in the rise and fall of pressures

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Manufacturer Pico Technology

Pressure ranges

RangePressure rangeAccuracyResponse timeOutput scaling
1 –15 to 500 psi
–1 to 34.47 bar
1% of scale 100 µs 10 mV/1 psi
(500 psi = 5 V)
2 –15 to 50 psi
–1 to 3.45 bar
1% of scale 100 µs 100 mV/1 psi
(50 psi = 5 V)
3 –5 to 5 psi
–0.34 to 0.34 bar
5% of scale filtered 1 V/1 psi
(5 psi = 5 V)
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