RTD Extension wire

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RTD and Thermistor Extension Cable

3 wire RTD-FG/FG/SSB -3×26 AWG

  • RTD wire for Extending RTD and Thermistor Signal Leads
  • High Temperature Glass Wire Insulation
  • 3 Conductors
  • AWG 26 stranded
  • Length: 15 Meters
  • Different lengths avaible per request

RTD Extension Cable

3 wire RTD-FG/FG/SSB -3×26 AWG

This specification covers the requirements for FB insulated, FB sheathed and stainless steel
braid RTD extension cable, 3×7/0.15mm, strand wire, twisted construction.

Technical Specification

A. Conductors:
Stranded RTD extension wire

Conductor Conductors Size(AWG) NO.of Strands & Gauge
Copper or Nickel 26 7/0.15mm

B. Insulation:
Braided fiberglass (400ºC)

Nominal Sheath Thickness 0.45mm±0.2mm
Color code Red/ Red/White (2 cores red and 1 core white)

C. Assembly:
Three conductors (cores) twisted construction.

D. Overall Jacket
Braided fiberglass (400ºC)

Nominal Sheath Thickness 0.25mm±0.2
Color code white

E. Metal Overbraid
Stainless steel round wire braid, 85% minimum coverage

Dimensions and Tolerances

Dimensions/tolerances(mm) Ø3.0±0.25

Lenght of cable : 15 meters

Various lneght, Various kinds of extension wire can be customized according to your demands.

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