CSE24G8 CobraMax Express

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CSE24G8 CobraMax Express

CSE24G8 CobraMax Express CompuScope PCIe Digitizer

  • 2 Digitizing Channels
  • 4.0 GS/s Maximum Sampling Rate
  • 8-bits Vertical A/D Resolution
  • 2 GS Onboard Acquisition Sample Memory (up to16 GS optional)
  • 1.5 GHz Input Bandwidth
  • Full-Featured Front-End with AC/DC Coupling , 50Ω Inputs
  • Software Control over Input Ranges & Coupling
  • Ease of Integration with Reference Clock In & Reference Clock Out
  • External Trigger In & Trigger Out
  • Full-Size Single-Slot 8-Lane (x8) PCIe 2.0 Board
  • Sustained PCIe Data Streaming at 2 GB/s
  • Supports eXpert FPGA DSP Features of
    • eXpert FPGA PCIe Data Streaming
    • eXpert FPGA Signal Averaging
  • CompuScope GPU CUDA Processing
  • GaGeScope PC Oscilloscope Software
  • DsScope & DsScopeView  Streaming Signal Recording & Playback Viewer software.
  • Software Application Development Support with
    • CompuScope SDK for C/C#
    • CompuScope SDK for MATLAB
    • CompuScope SDK for LabVIEW
More Information
Input Ch 2
A/D Resolution 8 bit
Max sampling  4 GS/s
Analog Bandwidth 1.5 GHz
Input Voltage  ±50 mV, ±100 mV, ±200 mV, ±500 mV, ±1 V, ±2 V, ±5 V (software selectable)
Acquisition memory 2 GS expandable to 16 GS ( option)
IO Connectors SMA
Triggers Internal and External
Clock Internal  and External
Trigger Out Yes
Clock Out Yes
Time Stamping Yes
PC Interface PCIe x8 / x16
Power 35 W
Multi-card synchronization   Yes
Operating System Windwos or Linux 64 or 32 bit
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