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DT9834-BNC 16 A/D, 4 D/A, 32 DIO, 5 C/T

  • Analog input : 16 SE/ 8 Diff, multiplexed

  • A/D resolution:16-bit

  • Sampling rate: 500 KS/s aggregate

  • Analog output: 4 ch, 16 bit, 500 KS/s

  • 32 DIO

  • 5 counter/timers

  • ±500 V galvanic isolation protects signal integrity

  • BNC packaging

  • USB port interface to host PC

  • Powered from USB port

  • QuickDAQ application software

  • QuickDAQ FFT Analysis (optional)

  • LV-Link driver for LabVIEW

  • MATALAB adaptor

  • DT-Open Layers for .NET class library

  • DataAcq SDK C, C++, C# software for Windows

DT9834-BNC 16 A/D, 4 D/A, 32 DIO, 5 C/T

DT9834-BNC is a high performance USB data acquisiton module, it provides 16
channels, multiplxed, singel ended, 500 KS/s , 16 bit A/D,  4 channels, 16 bit
D/A, 32 channels DIO and 5 counter/timers. Galvanic ±500 V isolation protecs
signal integrity. It is possible to connect singel ended, differential and/or
pseudo-differential voltage inputs signals to the module. Four programmable
gains (1, 2, 4, and 8) are provided to support input signal ranges of +/- 10 V,
+/-5 V, +/-2.5 V,and +/-1.25 V. By configuring each analog input channelfor the
input range that you want.

BNC connection boxes include a +5 V power supply and power cable for quick
setup. OEMs can purchase these options separately as EP361. A secondary power
connector is also provided for OEMs to allow custom power wiring.

±500 VGalvanic Isolation Protects Your Data  
Computers are susceptible to ground-spikes through any external port. These
spikes can cause system crashes and may even cause permanent damage to your
computer. DT9834 Series modules feature 500 Volts of galvanic isolation to
protect your computer from ground- spikes and to ensure a reliable stream of

Cross-Series Compatibility
Virtually all Data Translation data acquisition modules are compatible with the
DT-Open Layers® software standard. This means any application developed with one
of Data Translation’s software products can easily be upgrade to a new Data
Translation module with little to no reprogramming needed.

QuickDAQ allows you to acquire and display from all Data Translation USB and
Ethernet data acquisition devices that support analog input streaming. Combine
QuickDAQ with Data Translation hardware to acquire data, record data to disk,
display the results in both a plot and digital display, and read a recorded data
file. Be productive right out of the box with this powerful data logging
software. Data can be exported to other applications like Microsoft Excel® and
The Mathworks MATLAB® for more advanced analysis. Two additional options can be
purchased to add FFT analysis capabilities to the base package.

Other Software Options
There are many software choices available for application development, from
ready-to-measure applications to programming environments. The following
software is available for use with the DT9834 Series module and is provided on
the Data Acquisition Omni CD:

Device Driver
The device driver allows you to use a DT9834 Series module with any of the
supported software packages or utilities.

Calibration Utility
This utility allows you to calibrate features of a DT9834 Series module.

DT-Open Layers®
DT-Open Layers .NET Class Library – Use this class library if you want to use
Visual C#® or Visual Basic® for .NET to develop application software using
Visual Studio® 2003-2012; the class library complies with the DT-Open Layers

DataAcq SDK
Use the DataAcq SDK to use Visual Studio 6.0 and Microsoft® C or C++ to
develop application software using Windows 10/8/7/Vista/ XP 32/64-bit; the
DataAcq SDK complies with the DT-Open Layers standard.

DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB
Data Translation’s DAQ Adaptor provides an interface between the MATLAB® Data
Acquisition (DAQ) toolbox from The MathWorks™ and Data Translation’s DT-Open
Layers architecture.

Data Translation’s LV-Link is a library of VIs that enable LabVIEW™
programmers to access the data acquisition features of DT-Open Layers compliant
USB and PCI devices.

Accessories for OEM Configurations
For applications where you want to embed a DT9834 Series module inside other
equipment, use the OEM packaging configuration (no enclosure) with the following
optional accessories:

This screw terminal panel plugs into connector J2 or J3 of a DT9834 Series
module and provides 14-position screw terminal blocks for attaching analog I/O
and digital I/O signals.

A +5 V power supply. It is included with the BNC and STP connection box.

More Information
Analog Input Specifications
Number of analog input ch
Single-ended 32
Differential 16
Number of gains 4 (1, 2, 4, 8)
Resolution 16 bit
Data encoding Offset binary
System accuracy, to % of FSR
Gain = 1 ±0.01%
Gain = 2 ±0.02%
Gain = 4 ±0.02%
Gain = 8 ±0.03%
Range ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V, ±1.25 V
Nonlinearity < ½ LSB
Differential nonlinearity ½ LSB
Inherent quantizing error ½ LSB
Zero ±10 μV °C
Gain ±30 ppm of FSR °C
Differential linearity ±3 ppm of FSR
Input impedance
Off channel 100 MΩ, 10 pF
On channel 100 MΩ, 100 pF
Input bias current ±20 nA
Common mode voltage ±11 V, maximum
Common mode rejection ratio 80 dB, gain = 1 @ 1 kΩ
Maximum input voltage (without damage)
Power on ±30 V
Power off ±20 V
A/D conversion time
Channel acquisition time (±½ LSB) 1 μs, typical
Aperture uncertainty 0.2 ns, typical
Aperture delay 50 ns, typical
Single channel 500 kS/s
Multiple channel 500 kS/s divide by number ch in use
ESD protection
Arc 8 kV
Contact 4 kV
Reference +5 V ±0.010 V
Monotonicity 1 LSB
Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) at
full-scale 14.6 bits typical
Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) 100 dB typical
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