TA150 Passive oscilloscope probe: 350 MHz

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TA150 Passive oscilloscope probe: 350 MHz

TA150 Passive oscilloscope probe: 350 MHz

The TA150 is a high-impedance passive probe with 350 MHz bandwidth. It is designed for use with oscilloscopes with a 1 MΩ input impedance and has a fixed attenuation of 10:1. The TA150 has been compensated to ensure optimal performance with the PicoScope 6402 and 6403 oscilloscopes. The compact design of this high-performance probe means there is only 2.5 mm housing diameter at the probe tip compared to the conventional 5 mm housing, making it easier to see the device under test and making it ideal for measurements of SMT components. Each TA150 probe is supplied with the following accessories and spares:

  • 1 x Coding rings (set) 3x4 colors
  • 1 x Ground blade
  • 1 x Ground lead 15 cm
  • 1 x Ground spring
  • 1 x Insulating cap
  • 1 x Sprung hook
  • 1 x Trim tool
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TA150 probe characteristics



Resistance at probe tip

10 MΩ

Capacitance at probe tip

9.5 pF

Scope input impedance

1 MΩ


PicoScope 6402A/B/C/D

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