200 A / 2000 A DC current clamp TA167

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200 A / 2000 A DC current clamp

TA167  200 A / 2000 A  DC current clamp

The 200 A / 2000 A current clamp allows you to measure up to 2000 amps without cutting, or disconnecting or stripping wires. Simply clamp the jaws around the cable to be tested and plug the clamp into your PicoScope.

Before the launch of this probe we recommended the TA019 (600 A) for working on the starting and charging systems of petrol passenger cars and the PP253 (2000 A) clamp for high compression diesel engines. The TA167 (200 A / 2000 A) covers both these applications in one probe with improved range and sensitivity, lower noise and faster response.

The TA167 features a 200 A mode for better performance at lower currents and has an increased jaw size. It also features an auto power-down facility to save battery life when not in use (this feature can be disabled for battery drain / shutdown current testing).

More Information

Electrical data

(All accuracies stated at 23°C ± 1°C)

Nominal current

2000 A AC pk max. or DC

Measuring range(s) 2000 A
Overload capacity 2200 A (60 s)
Output sensitivity 10 mV/A and 1 mV/A switchable
Accuracy1) (0 to 200 A of 10 mV/A) ± 1% of reading ± 100 mA
Accuracy1) (0 to 1500 A of 1 mV/A) ± 1% of reading ± 500 mA
Accuracy1) (1500 to 2000 A of 1 mV/A) ± 5% of reading
Gain variation ±0.15% of reading/°C
Frequency range DC to 20 kHz (–1 dB)
  iRMS x f ≤ 400,000
Power supply 9 V alkaline battery
Manufacturer Pico Technology
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