XMC to cPCI adapter

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XMC to cPCI adapter

XMC to CompactPCI Adapter


  • Adapt one XMC.3 (PCI Express VITA 42.3) module to a 3U CompactPCI/PXI
  • PCI/PCI-X 64 bit, 133MHz interface
  • XMC.3 PCI Express, 4 lane interface
  • Transparent operation
  • 490 MB/s sustained rate (host dependent)
  • Support for PXI triggering, clocks and data
  • IEEE 1384 XMC mechanicals
  • Fan provides ~8 CFM cooling air directly on module
  • VITA20 Conduction cooling support
  • 3U height

XMC to CompactPCI Adapter


The XMC.3 module adapter allows a single width PCI Express XMC module to be used in a compact PCI/PCI-X slot. The XMC module is VITA 42.3 compatible and supports x4 PCI Express lanes.

The adapter is completely transparent to PCI-X operations through a PCI-X to PCI Express bridge. The bridge enumerates as a standard PCI device. When used in a PCI-X 133 MHz 64 bit slot, the adapter provides 490 MB/s sustained transfer rates between the XMC module and the host system.

The PXI triggering and clock features are mapped to XMC P16 to allow multiple cards to synchronize sampling and coordinate triggering. Innovative’s X3 family of XMC IO modules can use the PXI triggers to coordinate sampling. The PXI 10 MHz reference clock can be used to generate synchronous sample clocks on the X3 modules to provide precise sample timing on multiple modules.

XMC cooling is provided using both a fan and conduction cooling. Conduction cooling pattern conforms to VITA20 specification.

No software is required to operate the adapter. The bridge driver is a standard device in Windows and Linux systems.

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XMC to cPCI adapter
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