RFR16-102 Razor

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RFR16-102 Razor

RF Signal Recorder 100 MHz BW, 16 bit, 1U

RFR16-102 Razor


The GaGe series of RF signal recording systems are complete with integrated receivers, digitizers, computer, storage, and programming-free spectrum analyzer software. These turn-key solutions provide customers with a very powerful and flexible signal recording system, while minimizing the risks of self-integrated systems.

The spectrum analyzer software, SpectraScopeRT, requires no programming and allows for control of receiver center frequency, bandwidth, and signal recordings. SpectraScopeRT features real-time FFT power spectrums (with peak hold and persistence), spectrograms, histograms, and time domain displays while recording, and upon recording playback.

SpectraScopeRT also supports dual receiver, double bandwidth operation for both real-time display and gap-free recording. This allows 2 downconverters feeding a single digitizer or 2 digitizers to display and record parallel side by side bandwidths, effectively doubling the available bandwidth.

The digitizers and receivers have full control and data acquisition support via Mathworks MATLAB, with example programs furnished to facilitate rapid signal processing and modulation analysis program development. Additional SDKs and example programs are provided for C/C# and LabVIEW.

RF Signal Recorder 100 MHz BW, 16 bit

The Razor series of 16-bit RF signal recording systems include wideband receivers that feature up to 3 selectable IF bandwidths, from 10 MHz to 100 MHz. The RF signal tuning covers 50 MHz to 27 GHz to provide unparalleled real-time signal recording and analysis capability ideally suited for use with the Razor digitizer's 16-bit resolution and 200 MS/s sample rate.

The 4 channel Razor Express digitizer model can support 2 receivers in baseband mode (IQ outputs) or 4 receivers in superhet mode (IF outputs). 10 MHz reference inputs and outputs on both the digitizers and receivers provide a single frequency reference for synchronized system performance.

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RFR16-102 Razor

RF Signal Recorder 100 MHz, 16 bit, 1U

  •  Dual RF input: 1 Reciever up to 27 GH
    • Channel: up to 21
    • RecieverBW:
      • 100 MHz at 0 Hz IF
      • 40 MHz at 35 MHz IF
      • 10 MHz at 35 MHz IF
  • A/D digitizer: 1 unit CSE1642
    • 16-Bit A/D
    • 4 Channels
    • Up to 200 MS/s per CH
    • 125 MHz CH Input BW
  • Signal Recorder - 1U Rackmount
    • 18 TB SSD Storage
    • Up to 2x22-Core Xeon CPU
    • Up to 512 GB RAM
  • Software
  • List of Subsystems
    • 2x DCA27G100
    • 1x CSE1642
    • 1x Signal Recorder  Computer 1U Rackmount
    • 1x GaGeScope Pro
    • 1x Compuscope SDK full package
    • 1x SpectraScopeRT
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